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Welcome at  Airport Ergonomics  powered by ErgoS


ErgoS Human Factors Engineering is specialised in applied ergonomics.

This website provides an impression of our airport consultancy.


Design, consultancy and research

Optimising the coöperation of people and technology is a key factor for completing succesful projects. ErgoS provides excellent human factors engineering services. Practical information about our working methods can be found on the 'Design, consultancy and research' page.


Human factors at airports

Within the Airport sector, ErgoS is active in (manual and robotic) baggage handling, check-in desks, control centres and workorganization design. ErgoS has worked on these topics in close coöperation with manufacturers and airport organisations.


Workshops and courses

Do you want to learn more about ergonomics? ErgoS offers several interesting in-company workshops and courses, which can be tailored to fit your needs. Suggested courses are: manual materials handling, operator workstation design, and task- and organization design.


Contact ErgoS

E-mail: contact [AT] ergos . nl

Telephone: +31 (0)53 428 0500